Our mission is to revitalize, strengthen and preserve our Aboriginal cultures through radio and television communications technology, and new mediums as developed. We will provide quality Aboriginal programming to educate, inform, entertain and raise awareness of our cultures, languages, music, values and beliefs.

Judi Kochon
Director of Radio
Email: Judi.kochon@cklbradio.com
Fax:    403-910-7667
phone: 867-766-2552

Andrew Brouse
Manager of Sales
phone: 867-766-2552
Fax:    403-910-7667
Email: advertise@ncsnwt.com

Sharon Gilbank
Director of Finance
Phone: 867-766-2552 Ext 102
Fax:    403-910-7667
Email: finance@ncsnwt.com

Rob Ouellette
Chief Executive Officer
Phone:  867-766-2552 Ext. 106
Fax:    403-910-7667
e-mail: ceo@ncsnwt.com

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