The Native Communications Society of the Northwest Territories (NCS)

The Society  has been in operation since 1982. In that time, the NCS has expanded its operations to include radio and television broadcasting, delivering Aboriginal language services to 33 different communities and three diamond mines, as well as into Alberta and Nunavut. In the last 28 years NCS has grown to a staff of twenty, and a strong Board of Directors, some having sat on the Board for as long as 16 years.In the past NCS has undergone some intense challenges financially, administratively, and with fulfilling the NCS Mandate. In the two years under the management of the new CEO, NCS is now experiencing exceptional growth, and maintaining fiscal responsibility to its funders and Revenue Canada, while progressively expanding programs and services.

NCS Productions Ltd

NCS Productions Ltd was incorporated in April 2010, and is currently housed in a separate location than CKLB Radio.Currently, the newly incorporated NCS Productions Ltd is in the second year of producing six one-hour episodes of ‘DENE: A Journey’ for APTN.The intent of creating the for-profit NCS Productions Ltd business within the Native Communications Society in April 2010 was to access and increase funding otherwise unavailable to the non-profit parent organization, and to provide services and products that would bring in business revenues, while promoting and preserving the Aboriginal culture, languages and traditions in the NWT. The Native Communications Society also saw that the film and video industry was a growing sector in the NWT and actively lobbied for the creation the GNWT of the NWT Film Commission to strengthen the film production industry in the NWT, recognizing that the demand for quality services was increasing and needed governmental support.NCS Productions Ltd will cater to other clients and major productions in all areas of video and film production, and provide the rental of equipment. Services will also be geared to educational institutions, industry, government, tourist companies, Native development corporations, community organizations, and families or individuals.NCS TV Productions Ltd has a separate stand-alone Strategic Business Plan.

CKLB Radio

CKLB Radio owns transmission equipment and broadcasts to 33 territorial communities as well as to the Diavik Diamond Mine, the De Beers Snap Lake Diamond Mine, and Ekati/BHP Mine Site. Four communities in northern Alberta receive broadcasting from CKLB, although they provide their own community equipment as they are out of the NCS jurisdiction. One community in Nunavut provides their own broadcasting equipment and location maintenance. Programming is provided in English and Aboriginal languages, and focuses on Aboriginal issues, interests, cultures and lifestyles, including a broad range of music genres, Aboriginal music, regional news and unique radio specials. Online streaming of CKLB is available at the NCS website for listeners around the globe.